In the Press

Big Race Brings Bucks to Dorchester

June 15, 2015
“Although this race is centered at Great Marsh Park, downtown businesses like Realerevival Brewing have been busy for the past several days trying to keep up with demand.  They say the businesses downtown stick together and refer customers to other stores or restaurants.

“You come for a beer here, go have lunch, come back here for another beer,” said Paul Derndorfer at RAR.  “That’s what we saw a lot of last night.  They came here to have a few drinks, went out to have dinner, came back here to have a few more drinks to finish out the night.”

Reale Revival Brewing Hosts Pints for Paws Events

January 22, 2014
“We’re very excited about this opportunity and thank owners Chris Brohawn and JT Merryweather for sponsoring this event for the animals,” said Christina Kimerle, shelter manager for the rescue.”

The Bierdo Visits Atlas Brewing and Reale Ale Revival

August 2, 2014
“Hosting a barrage of craft beer and their own three brews, it’s the type of place we almost didn’t make it out of. Star Wars trooper masks, Patrick Swayze signs, and beer concoctions called the “Tramp Stamp” or “Nanticoke Shandy” filled us with jubilatory glee. BJ, our bartender to the stars, brewery artist and the resident beer expert, poured a few for me to share with you.”

Reale Revival Underway in Cambridge

August 15, 2013
“A joint venture by Chris Brohawn and J.T. Merryweather, the new Cambridge microbrewery is named for the revival in craft beers which began more than a decade ago. Brohawn explains that for many years bars in the U.S. brewed their own beer, until Prohibition made alcohol illegal.”